– Custom Furniture
We’ve done numerous custom furniture projects for both residential and commercial clients. Check out the Custom Furniture and Portfolio sections of our website to see examples.

– Design
We are always happy to help our clients realize their visions for custom pieces. Sometimes this means a bit of time going back and forth to develop a design. Our design rate is $75/hr.

 – Urban Salvage
The wood we sell and use in our furniture projects all comes from what’s known as urban salvage-lumber sourced from streets, yards, orchards, rivers, construction demolition, and the like. We can handle any stage of a salvage project…Check out the Urban Salvage section of our website to learn more.

– Custom Milling
If you live within an hour or two Anderson’s Alternatives can come to you. Or you can bring your logs to our Albion mill site. Our base rate for off-site milling is $400/1000 BF of lumber. Contact us for a quote.

– Custom T&G and Molding
We can also make custom tongue and groove for flooring and siding or decorative moldings for trim work…
– Lumber Brokering
Anderson’s also buys lumber for resale. If you are a sawyer looking for…