Lot 40 Claro Walnut 120″L

Lot 40 is a Buckskin Claro Walnut log that was salvaged in Covelo.  It is good quality with no sapwood and was milled in July of 2016.  Photos and approximate measurements are below.  Please call for pricing and more information.

There are 16 slabs in Lot 40.  The width measurements given are of the narrowest and widest parts of each slab.

Slab #1  – 14″/34″Wide x 96″Long x 3″Thick           

Slab#2 – 21″/43″Wide x 117″Long x 3″Thick           

Slab#3 – 26″/40″Wide x 117″Long x 2.25″Thick

Slab#4 – 32″/44″Wide x 117″Long x 2.25″Thick           

Slab#5 – 13″/46″Wide x 120″Long x 4.25″Thick           

Slab#6 – 10″/46″Wide x 114″Long x 3.25″Thick

Slab#7 – 28″/49″Wide x 78″Long x 3.25″Thick           

Slab#8 – 28″/52″Wide x 78″Long x 3.25″Thick           

Slab#9 – 14″/45″Wide x 120″Long x 3.75″Thick

Slab#10 – 24″/48″Wide x 120″Long x 2.25″Thick           

Slab#11 – 29″/48″Wide x 120″Long x 2.5″Thick           

Slab#12 – 34″/51″Wide x 120″Long x 2.5″Thick

Slab#13 – 27″/51″Wide x 120″Long x 2.5″Thick           

Slab#14 – 31″/48″Wide x 120″Long x 2.5″Thick           

Slab#15 – 30″/54″Wide x 120″Long x 2.5″Thick

Slab#16 – 30″/55″Wide x 120″Long x 2.5″Thick