Custom Orders and Consignment

Here at Andersons Alternatives we produce custom orders for our customers. We enjoy making custom orders that fit your specific needs. We also offer a variety of local artisanal products. Some of our handmade inventory include counter surfacing for bathrooms/kitchens ,sculptures, wall art, handcrafted flowers, toys, jewelry, kitchenware, vases, chalices, birdhouses, knives, walking sticks, wooden boxes, coasters, lamps, wall hooks, shelves and various types of furniture.

Local Artist Birdseye Redwood End Table Local Artist 22″High $199
Locally Handmade Redwood Birdhouse $59
“Windy” Children of the Deep series. Humpback whales in Redwood mounted on Redwood. Mother and Daughter
Ceiling light fixture with curly grain redwood slab.
Salvaged Redwood Flowers, $5 ea.
Salvaged Redwood Flowers, $5 ea.
California Claro Walnut treasure/jewelry box finished with danish oil
Curly grain Redwood lamp $695 profit from this lamp will go to the Mendocino Arts Center for the Christopher Lloyd Art Fund
Live Oak Canes & Walkng Sticks: Plain $38; Carved Cane $42; Carved Walking Stick $48
Live Oak Canes & Walking Sticks: Plain $38; Carved Cane $42; Carved Walking Stick $48